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The Cultured Doula Program

TCDP is an enrichment program for established doulas, or doulas just starting out. We are not a certification program. The idea for the CDP was dreamed up after years of traveling the globe training doulas. What I found was that there were big gaps in what doulas knew. I would ask thing’s like, “of course you know so and so, or you’ve seen this movie or read this book yes? “

Many times the answer was no. The Cultured Doula Program is my solution to fill in those gaps in learning. We don’t deliver babies, but it will behoove us and our clients if we are very learned when it comes to birth.

Students will receive 50 lessons from over 38 instructors over a year (2017). Most conferences last a weekend and you have to choose between speakers, you may miss out on one to see another. Then of course you pay to travel there and pay for travel while you are there, then there is food and lodging….and that’s for one weekend of your career. We are offering something radically different. Doulas will receive 50 weeks of instruction from some of the biggest names in the birth industry. They won’t have to see one at the cost of another. All the classes are recorded. You get to watch from the comfort of your house and not worry about travel in the comfort of your pjs. Or what ever you are wearing.

We are so excited to share the amazing presenters in the program

June 4, 2018
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