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Rebozo Credentials

After years of sharing the rebozo around the world, what is most important to me is that those who attend my workshop leave with a good grasp of the rebozo, it’s history and how it has affected people in this culture for generations.

I want them to leave with a grasp of how to best use the rebozo to provide comfort, relief, relaxation and connection.

My in person class is 6 hours long and remembering everything after six hours is hard. Or so I have been told. I LOVE our online courses because you get access to watch them more than once and we add extra knowledge in each course. The novice is great if you want to start somewhere, but know if you are a Master you will be learning the basics and then learn some more. We are always adding more information to the Master so in my opinion it’s the way to go. But don’t fret you can go at your own pace and move up when you can or want to.

I am so excited to share my heritage with the world. Do not hesitate to take this course it will change how you care for your clients and just might change your life.

June 4, 2018
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