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First Date Destinations

So you’ve bagged a date with your dream guy but where is he taking you?

Ideas for where to go on a first date:
The Cinema
This is your typical first date destination, especially if you’re a teenager. The good thing about the cinema is that it gives you a something to talk about, some common ground with someone who is basically a stranger. Discussing the film afterwards will also give you an indication of what he likes, but what you really want to be analyzing is the type of film he takes you to. If he takes you to see a mushy chick flick, he is obviously kind and wants to please you. If he picks a horror then he is angling for some physical contact when you get scared. If he takes you too see Die Hard then well, he’s just plain mean. Another thing to contend with is the awkwardness. He will be sitting close to you throughout, invading your personal space with manly gestures and spilling popcorn crumbs into your lap. So when the lights dim will he reach for your hand or do the “I’m not putting my arm around you, I’m just yawning bit?”
A Romantic Meal
Ah now any self respecting Mr. Smooth will take you to a romantic restaurant for a cozy candle lit dinner. But wait what type of restaurant? You had better pray its not Italian, those noodles are slippery suckers and there is nothing less lady like, than trying to flirt with a mouthful of spaghetti hanging out of your mouth. Slurping is a big no, no! Always place a napkin over your lap; even the smallest of food stains can ruin a great outfit. If you manage to survive the actual eating relatively in tact, then be sure to excuse yourself to go check for food debris that might have lodged itself in between your teeth. This also gives him time to ask the waiter for the bill. On your return you will face one last dilemma, should you offer to pay? The answer is yes, at least offer to pay for your half, he probably will dismiss your attempt at equality but it’s nice to offer.
The Bar
A city slicker type is most likely to suggest meeting for drinks after work. Great you get to show off your killer heels and the new dress you got from Topshop. But easy now tiger… one martini too many and your elegant poise and polite conversation will quickly turn into loud moose in a wine stained dress. Don’t get so drunk that you end up puking out of the taxi window in front of him, he may be sympathetic but any chance of a second date went out the window with the remainder of your dinner.
 The Wild Card
Wow OK do you freak out or get excited? The wild card is utterly unpredictable. All the usual date rules don’t apply here. Put that little black dress back in the wardrobe and stick on your comfy jeans, this guy could be taking you anywhere from hiking up a mountain to paint-balling. Go with casual smart, there’s nothing more off putting to the outdoorsy guy than having to spend the entire date listening to you whine about ruining your favourite shoes.
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