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Melissa Abrosimoff


Ontario Canada


Gemini firecracker that loves life.

Wife to a pretty spectacular life partner, mother to three wonderful (slightly exhausting) children, childbirth educator, doula, advocate, friend, trainer, cheerleader and motivator.  I LOVE food, like alllllll of it, meeting strong, positive women that love to build others UP, and beer.  I LOVE beer. Well wine too…

I can’t ever seem to get enough learning, helping others, tea or tacos.  I believe positivity is the only way to live life!  I yearn for oceans, time with friends, family and laughs that make my belly hurt.

After starting the London Doula Group a few years ago (a friendly group of doulas supporting other doulas in all ways) I realized my dream of helping other people CAN be fulfilling AND prosperous for all involved. I enjoy working along side all forms of health care providers building relationships and demonstrating the importance of doulas and of physiological birth ( I usually just show them how having a doula present makes their life easier!)

I work hard to help other women build and discover their passions and dreams and I am so blessed to do the work I do.  Business questions, venting, recipe sharing, just message!

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