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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Rebozo (IR): The Rebozo
Why are these 20 Questions about the Rebozo important? 00:01:00
What is a Rebozo? 00:03:00
What is the Big Deal about the Rebozo anyway? 00:02:00
Is the Rebozo Safe for Use in Childbirth? 00:02:00
How Do I Care For My Rebozo? 00:02:00
How Long Should My Rebozo Be? 00:02:00
How Heavy Should My Rebozo Be? 00:02:00
Novice Section One Quiz 00:10:00
(N) Section One Exercise 00:00:00
(N) The Rebozo Section Exercise 6, 00:00
IR: Using the Rebozo
Can I Use Essential Oils With My Rebozo? 00:02:00
Do I Specifically Have To Use a Rebozo? 00:02:00
Does The Rebozo Help The Partner? 00:02:00
Is It Okay To Use The Rebozo To Move Babies? 00:02:00
Rebozo or Sheet? 00:02:00
What Is The Scope Of Practice Regarding The Rebozo? 00:03:00
(N) Section Two Quiz 00:10:00
IR: The Rebozo and the Client
How Can I Use The Rebozo To Bring Couples Together? 00:02:00
How Do I Encourage My Clients To Use The Rebozo? 00:01:00
How Do I Get The Partner To Use The Rebozo? 00:02:00
Should I Share The Rebozo at Prenatals? 00:02:00
(N) Section Three Quiz 00:05:00
(N) Section Three Exercise 00:10:00
(N) Section Three Assignment 3, 00:00
IR: The Rebozo and Your Practice
What Does It Mean To Be Rebozo Certified? 00:01:00
(N) Section Four Quiz 00:05:00
Birth: History
Informed Choice, is Informed Consent. Know Your Rights 00:00:00
(N) Section Five Quiz 01:00:00
Birth: Today
ACOG’s latest stance 01:27:00
(N) Section 6 Quiz 00:10:00
Birth: Future
An Interview with Sarah Buckley 01:00:00
(N) Section Seven Quiz 00:10:00
Rebozo Workshop (RW): Introduction
Introduction to the Rebozo 00:19:00
My New Best Friend 00:14:00
(N) Section Eight Quiz 00:10:00
RW: The Rebozo and Your Client
Introducing the Rebozo to Your Client 00:14:00
The First Visit 00:36:00
RW: Relaxation Techniques
Using the Rebozo to Relax Mom and the Partner 00:21:00
RW: Comfort Measures
Using the Rebozo to Comfort the Mother 00:58:00
RW: Pushing and Delivery
Using the Rebozo During Pushing and Delivery 00:20:00
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