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Novice Rebozo Credential

The Novice Rebozo Credential is designed for those who have not taken or may not be able to take a live workshop with Gena Kirby or one of her Certified Instructors.
 This course is meant to introduce the student to using the rebozo in the birth situation, however, we recommend sticking to the relaxation techniques until you get hands on training.


Our on line certifications offer more information and video than any other rebozo course available. This is a tremendous resource, and we are proud of the extra information our students receive outside of rebozo knowledge.  Our online certifications offer you a window into ancient knowledge and modern day skills. You will walk away with ideas that will help them to pursue more learning and growth as birth professionals. Our courses are not just about technique they are about how to apply what you learn in your own home, your practice and beyond. To guide you in pursuing deepening knowledge and progression as you move through the different certifications we offer additional training to each certification.You will walk away with a well rounded education, rather than just the knowledge of different things you can do with a rebozo.+

The Novice Rebozo Credential is designed for those who have NOT taken or may not be able to attend a live workshop with Gena Kirby or one of her Certified Instructors. You will get to see a majority (the video is edited down to four hours) of the “Make The Partner Do It” workshop, however, because you will only get video instruction, I recommend that you only actively use the relaxation techniques until you have a chance to get some “hands-on” instruction from myself or one of my certified instructors.+

The most important new aspect of our University is the facebook private mentor group. Now that you are a student in the Novice Rebozo Credential, you will have access to the private page. Make sure that you take advantage of this aspect of our new format. Gena will do live videos talking about the rebozo and answering your questions. All videos are archived. You never know who will be in those forums, in fact, you may meet a birth professional from half way around the globe. Regardless of who you meet, you will be able to ask questions of your peers and see questions and answers to questions you never knew you had. Please visit the forum as soon as you have taken a section or two, or if the unit you are watching triggers any questions you would like to have answered.

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