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Master Rebozo Credential


The Master Rebozo Credential
The Master Rebozo Credential is designed for those who have taken or plan to take a live workshop with Gena Kirby or one of her Certified Instructors. Students in the Master Credential should aspire to share the rebozo in birth with as many people as they can imagine.

The Master includes:
The Online Rebozo Workshop with Gena Kirby: (Video Collection)  This is the same “Make the Partner Do It” Rebozo Workshop that Gena has beeValue-Free)n teaching around the world. The only difference here is that you are watching a video series. The Advantage of taking it online is you get the information for 270 days instead of one. Go back and take notes any time, or just watch them over and over to become as familiar as possible with the information.

Students will learn:
Relaxation Measures
The rebozo can be used to help relax the laboring person. Students will learn how to share those measures with the birth partner and laboring person. If the client does not have a partner our students will learn how to support them as the sole birth companion. Lots of emphasis is put on relaxation in our certification as relaxation during pregnancy is associated with salutogenic effects that include regulation of emotional states and physiology. Relaxation is also associated with positive effects both on fetal behavior and on obstetric and neonatal outcomes.

Inclusion of The Birth Partner
Our students will also discover how to include the birthing partner throughout labor. The birth partner plays an integral role in the labor process. If the birthing person is in a loving relationship with the birth partner, just the mere presence of the partner plays a role in the labor.

Comfort Measures in Labor
Students will also learn comfort measures to help provide relief to their clients using the rebozo.

Use of the rebozo during pushing is beneficial to the laboring person in order to; feel grounded, powerful and to immediately engage the core for maximum use of effort.

Students will take a quiz at the end of each unit. They will not be able to move on to the next unit unless all questions are answered correctly at the end of the video.

This course also includes the following:

a) The 20 questions about the Rebozo Introduction

b) Birth: History, Today and the future section

c) The Make the Partner Do It: Rebozo (Online version) Workshop with Gena Kirby

d) Student Continuing Education ongoing information regarding the doulas role and the rebozo

e) Horizontal Violence: History, Effect, and Solutions

f) The Partner/Dad section

g) The Rebozo After Baby section

h) Birth: Theory section

i) Birth: Science section

j) Your Business section

k) Master Instruction section

You will have 180 days with the information and you can upgrade to the Expert or Master at a pro-rated price any time while your membership is active.

This credential does not include a Rebozo or Live Event Registration

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  1. So much more than just rebozo training.


    This is a well-rounded doula training!! I laughed, I cried, and I just couldn’t get enough.

  2. Excellent Info


    I’m not 100% finished this course yet, but so far, all the info has been excellent. Not only do we get the uses and common positions for rebozo work, we also get valuable information on how to work with other professionals. This course encompasses far more then just basic doula knowledge. I’m really enjoying all the interviews from various industry leaders, and Gena herself.
    This has been a wonderful addition to my Novice rebozo course.

  3. Great Info


    Thank you for this course and all the great information. I thought it was going to be a course on the rebozo and was surprised and grateful at all the extra material you provided. It has certainly already caused a positive effect on the way I doula, meet clients, work with husbands and families. Much appreciated

  4. Master Rebozo Course Review


    I just wanted to start off by saying that I enjoyed many parts of this training program. I feel like I walked away with some useful skills and resources that I can apply to my doula career. My only concerns/complaints would be the following: I don’t feel as if I walked away with an amount of knowledge that is equal to the course cost. I think that some of the information was a bit of just “common sense” material. My other concern would be the use of time and delivery of coursework. I found myself a bit pained by having to watch 10-20 minutes of set up and trouble shooting in all the webinar videos. My feeling is that for the $800+ that I paid for the course the time could have been taken to edit these videos and podcasts as to make the most of my personal time since we are all busy working doulas. Overall I am glad that I took the course and have this information in my resources to better help my clients, I just hope that a few improvements will be made for the future students as to maximize the use of their time and personal resources. Thank you.

  5. Master Rebozo Credential


    I absolutely loved the course!
    Gena is a great teacher and I found myself laughing along with her during the recordings and learned so much more than I thought I would.
    I live in Australia and chose to train online as there was no way for me to attend an in person training in the USA at this point in time and found the course to be informative, entertaining (I am the kind of person who learns best when I enjoy something as more than just a learning experience), in depth and it also provided a wealth of other information that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.
    I highly recommend that all birth workers learn at least the most basic of rebozo skills so that they can provide more options to their clients/patients.

  6. Very inspiring course


    This is another one of Gena’s great courses on the reboze! Gives so much interesting information in different formats. Gena is an inspiring and funny speaker with great depth of knowledge, empathy and skill.
    My only suggestions would be to update the social media marketing part (as the media itself has changed significantly since 2014) and to edit some of the talk videos to remove glitches and waiting time and make them a bit shorter. Breaking up longer ones into chunks would be great too.

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