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CDP: Weekly Video Trainings


Course Reviews


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  1. Eye, Mind, & Heart Opening


    I’ve taken my time in trying to write a review for the CDP, I can never figure how to put into words who amazing it is.
    Over the past couple months, I’ve found myself inspired to be a better person, both professionally and personally. The speakers that the CDP have brought to the doula community are interesting, informed, and know exactly how to connect with the birth community.
    I am so very excited to continue each week, as I just know every video gives me further insight on how to navigate the birth community.
    Another plus, that I didn’t quite expect, is that I have also made real friends with other birth professionals globally. People from all areas that I can now connect with and bounce ideas off.
    Thank you CDP for being a truly safe space, and creating a doula culture that will continue to inspire!

  2. Gena is the BEST!


    Gena Kirby possesses so much compassionate birth knowledge which she conveys in every message. She is doing our culture a huge favor to put the ideas of all the top birth people in one place for convenient viewing. Most conferences with this great information are a couple hours from my house and usually a chunk of money. We are privileged to view these lessons with some of the greatest birth workers in the world right now, and such a fair and easy payment plan. Thank you Gena!!!

  3. Amazing!


    I am still working my way through The Cultured Doula training, but I couldn’t wait to share how amazing it is! It has been filled to the brim with ideas and teaching that will not only help me to grow into a better doula, but also a better person. I would be remiss if I didn’t also add in a bit about Gena Kirby. She is such a caring, inspiring, thoughtful, and hardworking lady! I love how she shares her heart and her time to pour into the lives of others. I am excited for the lessons ahead and I already know that I won’t be disappointed!

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