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’18 CDP: Trimester One – PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY Understanding the Core Concepts of Being a Doula

In the 2018 CDP Trimester One, we will take a look at the Physiology and Psychology of birth based on situational knowledge understood by well informed and experienced practitioners in the field.


We are so thrilled to roll out the first of four trimesters. The 2017 year was jam packed with international speakers that spanned topics from quantum physics, to postpartum, to physiological birth.

After hearing feedback from our students that taking on a whole year of learning was a lot to swallow, we decided we would cut the 2018 year into four easy pieces. Each Trimester (of course there are four) will have a central theme, although (much like birth), it will be addressed from many situational angles. In the 2017 CDP we wanted to have all of our instructors teach you a little about what they think doulas should know, but in the 2018 CDP we will be teaching many of the aspects of our work that most of us have to learn “on the job”.

If you were enrolled in the 2017 CDP, you will recognize many of the incredible instructors who were in your previous course:

Hermine Hayes-Klein, Cristen Pascucci, Robin Lim, Jen Kamel, Jen Tow, Sheila Pai, Joe Valley
Lesley Everest, Melissa Strong-Abrosimoff, Shannon Mitchell, Jennifer Rue McLellan, Patrick M Houser
Denise Bolds, Gail Hart, Maryn Green, Kimberly Durdin, Stuart Fischbein
Shafia Monroe, Nekole Malia Shapiro, Dr. Elliot Berlin, Jane Austin, Yakana Cross,Tina Cassidy, Dawn Thompson, Amanda Devereux and that is just to name a few!

In 2018 you will hear from many of them again, with some great NEW speakers.

Our first trimester is inspired by the feed back from the 2017 students. Our students really appreciated the fact that we were not covering the same information you often hear in many trainings, which is why we are attempting to fill in the holes many of us find after our initial training. Recently one of my mentors, Whapio, said at our Flock Yeah in Nashville; “Physiology will set you free.” I believe this. Once you start to understand how the body really works it will make you question why we have done the things we have to people in labor for so long, and how that needs to change.  That’s really what we are shooting for here, we aren’t looking for sycophants in The Cultured Doula Program , what we want is to create leaders and speakers for the birth community. We believe the best way to do that is to challenge their ideas, and share ways and means to take these newly challenged ideas and turn them into content if they want, or just into good old fashioned knowledge they can use for the rest of their career.

“The Function of Leadership is to produce more Leaders, Not more Followers.” 
― Ralph Nader

So, what is Physiological Psychology? Well in terms of birth, it is the interplay between the physiology and psychology of the moment, and how that relates to the actions we take in that situation. Now you may ask, why not just take a birth physiology, or psychology course independently? It is our belief that those courses are great for general knowledge, but we are not here to give you “general knowledge”. In the first Trimester of the 2018 CDP, we will explore how these two aspects play off of, and change in relation to, each other. More importantly, we will be using situational knowledge to help demonstrate those aspects of the interplay which does not happen “in a bubble”.

Let’s take “pushing” for example. In the First Trimester of the 2018 CDP, Whapio will be presenting an incredible lecture regarding the physical and emotional/spiritual aspects of pushing that will actually change the way you look at birth. With this level of understanding, you WILL be a better doula, and find yourself able to help facilitate less complicated end of labor presentations by understanding the entire process.

Here are a few more examples of instructors and their topics in Trimester number One:

Elly Taylor – Supporting the Couple Through Loss

Joe Valley- Dad’s Needs in Labor

Michelle Odent- Protecting the Neo Cortex

Adriana Lozada- The Postpartum Period the Four I’s and the Doulas Role

(We will be posting the full schedule as soon as we have confirmed speakers and dates)

You will see the instructors listed above, and more during our in-depth Weekly lectures, while a few of the above, myself and some new instructors will be presenting smaller, or Petite, lectures every week as well.

If that isn’t enough, we have lowered the price from $49/month to $39/month and decreased the length of the course from a full year to four trimesters of 3 months each. Now you can take the trimester(s) that interest you the most and not be obligated for a full year.

In order to be able to evaluate assignments, we will be limiting the number of students who will be able to enroll in the First live Trimester of 2018. We will take, at the most, 800 students for Trimester One. But with about half of that number already enrolled in the 2017 CDP (of which, most are planning to continue), spaces are limited so make sure you sign up Today!

“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” 
― Julia Child 






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  1. Excellent Information!


    What a wonderful course! Inspiring guest speakers that share insight to the nitty gritty of birth work! Thank you so much Gena for facilitating these videos!

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