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Coming Soon/Upcoming Courses

What a thrilling year 2017 will be. This is the year I will be teaming up with many of my heroes in the birth and parenting world to bring you amazing content and learning opportunities. This will also be the year that I start offering classes for parents, which will include some prenatal courses, as well as courses on gentle parenting and maybe, just maybe a Childbirth Education Course.

We have already made a major change in our University and believe that you will enjoy it immensely, but wait till you see the amount of content we have planned. Besides additions to the Rebozo Credentials and the Cultured Doula Program, we are going to be releasing some of the content that I talk about in my workshops, but rarely get to speak to. An example of this would be my Birth, Heart and Intuition course. I have given this talk a limited number of times, and the talk itself is only a small part of vast amount of information that can be covered, but soon you will have the entire course available for you to take whenever it is convenient for you. I will also be adding some updated business and social media courses, as well as a series of courses to deepen your knowledge on what is happening in the Hospital setting and how you can improve the situation for your client.

A photo taken at my BIRTH HEART INTUITION CLASS at the Birth and Beyond Conference in London Ontario

Perhaps the best thing about 2017, is that I finally have a website/University that is worthy of the numerous experts that I call friends. Starting early January, GK University will be accepting additional instructors. That’s right, soon you will not only have my courses available to you, but courses from those people I consider my mentors and heroes. Make sure to keep an eye out, or sign up to keep updated of all the goings on at GK University.

Do you know of instructors that you would like to see on our website? If yes contact us and let us know.

“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” -Julia Child 

June 4, 2018
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