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The GK University is an ever evolving and unique online school offering advanced trainings for doulas, midwives, doctors, nurses, parents, and anyone hoping to learn more about birth. Our course offerings will cover as much of the birth and parenting spectrum as possible and will be taught by experts who value a gentle, non-judgmental approach. Because this is the GK University, you will find that there is a wide selection of Rebozo instruction taught by Gena Kirby, as well as supporting information from those experts who have had a major influence on the paradigm of birth and parenting that she shares. The Rebozo courses aren’t just classes about the rebozo, these classes encompass what it means to really be with a woman in labor, and what it truly means to “hold space”. If the laboring woman has a partner present, these courses will help you understand how to involve the partner in a powerful and meaningful way. The rebozo has been utilized by midwives in Mexico for centuries and can be a game changer for anyone who will be by a woman’s side in labor.

The course History, Horizontal Violence and Self Care is an impactful course meant to give an in depth history of birth here in America and abroad, how it has affected us in our personal lives and our work, and how we can care for ourselves in order to break the cycle. With instruction from incredible women such as Hermine Hayes-Klein, Sheila Pai and Christy Funk, you are receiving a true University experience that cannot be found elsewhere in the birth and parenting world.

The GK University is committed to continuously add course material from leaders in our profession. Using a state of the art Course Management System, you will find the University intuitive and easy to use, and with a built-in support system, you will never be more than a couple of clicks of your mouse away from getting help. Courses are mainly video based and may include quizzes, handouts, and more. Find a collection that’s right for you or learn for learnings sake. Sign up today! You can pay securely in seconds with any major credit or debit card. Courses include access to all materials for a minimum of 60 days, while access to the Masters Rebozo Certification is available for a nine months. Keep checking back here for new courses added monthly.  We hope you enjoy our offerings and, please let us know what topics you would like us to make available in the future.

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