Starting out in our industry is rough.

You get trained and you walk out of said training into the daylight blinking and wondering, now what?—What’s worse is when you live somewhere where your support system is either weak or worse, non existant.

We do so much and there is so much for us to know.

I started The Cultured Doula Program because I know what all this is like. I remember feeling lost after my training when it took me almost 7 years to feel confident.

Uh, who has seven years?

Then, when I started training doulas around the world, I found there were huge gaps in what doulas are learning and being taught. Even worse, I met and heard from birth professionals who were being bullied or who felt isolated in their work.

The doula culture does not have to be this way.

 We want you to feel like you found your people, like you belong. We want you to become the best birth professional you can be, while feeling good and having a great time too. We want you to come in curious and leave confident, LIKE A BOSS! 

Join me once a week (Wednesdays at 9pm CST) in our private FaceBook page for processing.


Ask questions about births, a meeting you went to or an interview you just came from. You never know who I might invite to join us to help you walk through your previous week.




 We get that what we need more than anything is to not go through this alone. Your clients benefit from a doula on their journey, don’t you need and deserve one too?




 But you wont just have A doula, you will have a community of doulas who are all on the same page, all striving for the same thing. We all have wisdom to share, and by all of us sharing and connecting we are all helping one another to grow.


Our community is world wide baby! We have members from Denmark to Brazil. This is what you have been waiting for and we can’t wait to meet you 


  • Shorten that learning curve, let the group and our team of experts shave years of mistakes off your career.
  • Post questions in our Facebook group 24/7
  • Spend time with like-minded people who will remind you are not alone and will help keep you accountable and cheer you on.
  • Find folks you can collaborate with and make life-long friends 
  • Be in on crossover/collaborative deals with our affiliates/partners in the birth world!
  • Cancel anytime
  • No long-term commitment